Genesi Carbonio 360 light HTE Clear Italy Edition

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Part of the revenue will be donated to a local hospital

Only for the first twenty orders, it will be shipped with a collection authentic carbon fiber box

The world's first and only Carbon fiber spray gun with forged aluminum core - laser engraved and protected with nano coating layer, easy to clean. Lightweight , ergonomic, excellent atomizing. Effortless results

A design dedicated to some of the best artist in Italian history, for each spray gun a percentage will be donated to local hospital to help for this emergency that the world is facing and hit Italy very badly. A unique piece of collection to remember the greatest minds of this country in the past to be able to help the great doctor in these days. The one and only carbon fiber spray gun in the world, winner of the red dot design and now even more beautiful with this special artwork. The first 20 spray guns will be delivered with the carbon fiber case, then with our signature plastic case.

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